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domingo, 31 de mayo de 2015

el nacimiento de eva 10 eduardo paz carlson

El Nacimiento de Eva 10, Collage Digital

domingo, 17 de mayo de 2015

martes, 5 de mayo de 2015

Obras y exposiciones de la Artista Plástica Argentina Viviana Guasch



In the most of my recent works I explore "The Venus" and other goddesses as female archetypes that enclose a full circle of human qualities as well as "divine" ones.

My research is based on the myth of the (pro)creation and on other mechanisms such as the relationships between nature and society, spirituality. It is an exploration in which the female universe acquires a special relevance.

 I draw and use colors with special markers that can be diluted with water. With this technique I discover random stains that inspire me landscapes and scenes for the Goddess: domes, skies, ornaments and elements of nature.

With clay I form female figures inspired by prehistoric effigies (as the Venus of  Willendorf and others). I transfer them from their ancient history and match them with contemporary objects of everyday use, creating ready-mades, assemblage and collage. In that way I create a new home for that figures.

They pretend to be altars or places, with an ounce of symbolism that reflects the "divine" acquiring a simple and aesthetic form, with kitsch elements. This kind of "glorification" in the message marvels me and amuses me in the antagony(because of its contradiction) .

The textile sculptures have a feminine conceptual value because of their connection with sewing and textile. The fabrics are chosen by their textures, colors and patterns.
 The figure´s   clothing is “own body”.

 I work on female torsos looking for an exaggerated proportion, usually organic forms, emphasizing the breasts, uterus, hips and belly. I let my view shape what it is insinuated through the volume and the forms, and that includes feeling of protection, affection and closeness.

My intention is to create visual poetry that expresses my personal and cultural concerns(European and Christian), connecting ancient concepts of the matriarchy with the contemporaneity.

 I attempt a closer consciousness view in the relationship with the feminine.