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sábado, 5 de septiembre de 2015

Kurt Vile - Girl Named Alex (Live on KEXP)

"Girl Called Alex"

 In the dawn observing light 
I recall a girl named Alex 
She and Mark they where happily wed 
Hey at least in my head I think about them all the time
I wanna live all the time 
In my fantasy infinity There I will never be abandoned 
There I'll ever handle against everything from ever happening to them 
And they hate it when I say 
I wanna 
I wanna walk out into the night 
Without it being running away 
From a bad day in my brain 
For the sake of this drift that I could be cruising 
In the comfort of a sportscar illusion
 I think about them all the time 
[X4] They hate it when I say


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