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jueves, 29 de enero de 2015

COME ON TARS!!! intense docking scene

-Brand : "Oh my god" 
-CASE : "Cooper there's no point in using your fuel to chase...."
-Cooper : "Analyze the Endurance's spin" 
-Brand : "Cooper what are you doing?" 
-Cooper : "DOCKING"
-CASE : "Endurance's rotation is 67..68 rpm"
-Cooper : "Okay get ready to match our spin with the retro thrusters" 
-CASE : "It's not possible!" 
-Cooper : "No.. it's necessary" 
-CASE : "Endurance is hitting stratosphere" 
-Brand : "She's got no heat shield" 
-Cooper : "CASE you ready?" 
-CASE : "Ready!" 
-CASE : "Cooper this is no time for caution" 
-Cooper : "CASE if I blackout you take the stick" 
-Cooper : "TARS get ready to engage the docking mechanism" 
-CASE : "Endurance is starting to heat" 
-Cooper : "20 feet out!" 
-TARS : "I need 3 degrees starboard Cooper" 
-Cooper : "10 feet out!" 
-TARS : "Cooper we are....lined up!" 
-Cooper : "Initiating spin!!" 
-Cooper: "Come on TARS"
-Cooper : "Come on TARS!"
-Cooper : "Gotta lock em up easing up!"
-Cooper : "Easy.....Easy....Easy" 
-Cooper : "Retro Thrusters!" 
-Cooper : "Main engines on!"
-Cooper : "Pushing out of orbit!" 
-Cooper : "Come on Baby" 
-Cooper : "Okay we're out of orbit!"

 Docking Scene & Main Theme:


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