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domingo, 27 de septiembre de 2020

Interview with Katya Clover, by Eduardo Paz Carlson, march, 2018

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Interview with Katya Clover, by Eduardo Paz Carlson

 march, 2018

“I like to give a pleasure to my man, I dont mind the taste of sperm, and you can easily make it taste nicer with the berries and fruits.”


You are launching a new site, congratulations, talk about that.

My site is about nudism and beautiful world of erotica. I would like to rebirth this style and show the beauty of women on my site. Share my favorite destinations of nudism places and traveling spots. This site is exclusive and personal. It’s an adventure that never ends

Do you consider yourself as a porn star? An erotic nude art model/actress?

I don't consider myself as a porn star; I don't think that I ever did porn. But you know that people are different and someone would call porn even a nude picture. We can just have different visions of what I porn and what is not

I consider myself as an erotic model and muse for photographers. That’s how the photographers call me sometimes and that’s the biggest compliment for me, as I am happy to inspire people. That’s one of the reasons I like modeling is inspiring each other and giving new ideas to each other by communicating and creating art and showing the beauty of erotica


You have been doing many vids that are almost explicit sex, almost bj, almost... why dont you do it 100%? Are going to do more explicit stuff, hardcore?

I did something more only with my then-boyfriend as we were curious and naive, we thought it would be fun, but it was too complicated to shoot to be fun. So that I can say is something we both regret. If you speak about the video I did with black guys for Wow-girls that was almost something but still at the edge, that I did as I always had a dream to shoot a beautiful erotic massage and I made it true. There is no interest for me to do simple porn, you call it call it too simple. Much more intriguing is to do something on the edge, when a person would have a feeling, a place for a fantasy, that’s much more intense and strong to my mind. I dont plan to do any hardcore, you can see my article about that topic on www.droyc-studios.com there I wrote a big article that has a full explanation


Machismo is on the rise; on the other hand women are also on the rise, fighting for their rights.

Some men have lack of emotional and social maternity, that’s why probably they act without thinking. That’s a pity situation. I think some men need to aspire to have higher standards than this and let women live their own lives. I want our world become more honest and safe, where people won’t be fear of bad consequences of connection between women and men; having a big respect to each other...

I am lucky that I didn't have such an experience like harassment. And I am very sorry for the women who did. I cannot give any advice or how you can act in such situation, it’s too individual and too personal to talk about it in general. But I know that sometimes we make ourselves victims by our own, and I think we should choose a strong position and be the one who choose how to act not being a victim of circumstances


The female orgasm is a mystery for men... Can you explain it?

I dont know why female orgasm is a mystery, I think this opinion could be because of lack of education/knowledge in this question. As male orgasm is visible, you can identify it, while female’s orgasm is not that easy to identify. The most important to my mind I think is to understand your body, and after you know your body and feelings you can easily go ahead in the world of pleasure. It’s difficult to describe what I feel, as it’s not about the words, it’s something out of this world I think, something cosmic and incredible. It’s a storm of emotions and pleasure…

There are differences between vaginal orgasm, the anal orgasm and the clitoral orgasm…

and the masturbation orgasm?

I would say that all orgasms are different; even one type could be different. There is no sense to compare them.

Squirting, is it real? What is it?

Squirting orgasm is also one of the types of women orgasm that some women have and almost all can learn how to do that. It comes from irritation of G-spot and pulling out the liquids that are made from Skins secreting organ.

It feels different from the other types of orgasms?

It feels different to other types of orgasms, and I can explain the feeling like something relieving, making you feel free and amazing.

When a women makes you come, is it different that when a man makes you come?

When I make myself come, women or men all are different. Like I told you before there is no sense to compare. Women are also very different, some really feel how to make you pleased, and some have no idea. It’s more about the personality than a gender


The position you love the most? With men & with women

I have 3 favorite positions, as I can’t choose only 1, that’s missionary, doggy style and cowgirl. They are all fantastic and have different variations. I think sex should be surprising. With women I don't know to be honest, as it’s more about licking with girls than real position

You do a lot of self anal sex… (Dildos, etc) You like it with a man?

Who told you that I do a lot of anal sex? That’s not true :) I dont. To be honest I am not a fan of it at all. Sometimes for experience I can do that under the passion and feelings, but very, very rare :)

You use a lot of dildos in your clips… any recommendations for women who have not tried dildos yet? (Sizes, type of dildo, vibrators, etc)

Haha :) you are funny, where do you take all these facts about anal and toys? I dont do lots of toys. Especially I dont like dildos much. I prefer external toys or clitoris toys like a womanizer for example. For me that’s the best toy for women. Also some Japanese soft toys are really nice and made from soft material. It’s all individual, the only toy I can advice is womanizer, that’s a good start, and maybe you won’t need others ;)


Which is the part of your body that you like the most?

I think mostly I like my ass :) I have quite sensitive body, so that’s a neck, breasts, legs, ass, nipples, lips, and of course all intimate zones :)

I never wanted to do boobs and I dont think that I would change my mind. I feel beautiful like I am


Katya, you are always happy, and with positive vibes… Being naked, in the water… under the rays of the sun…

You radiate happiness and freedom.

My family and close people make me happy, the nature makes me happy, and our beautiful world makes me happy, the way I live make me happy. So almost all, inspiration, good people around, you can see the beauty of this world in everything

What is freedom?

Freedom is to be who you are. Freedom is not being afraid of what people would say or think about you. It’s a peace and harmony in yourself. It’s a bravery to make the decision by your own and choose the life you want to live

What is beauty?

Beauty is everywhere; you just need to be more attentive to see it. It’s also about being yourself, being a good person, being beautiful internal. Beauty is about love and sharing. About being sincere and honest


Which parts of the female body do you like the most?

Every woman I think has her own most beautiful part, so that depends on a woman. Maybe mostly I like breast, sometimes they are so nice you can’t stop adoring

Making love with girls for me was mostly about experience and fun. Kind of a game, sometimes those games were funny and cool, sometimes sensual and passionate. While sex with a man for me is about mix of emotional want and passionate desire. As I never was in love with women, but having sex with a man you are in love with is something cosmic, it’s not about what the words can explain


What do you like most in a man?

I like kind men, with big charisma and good sense of humor. But also I should feel that the men has a strong character with his own principles, that I can feel safe with him

Favorite part is a chest and arms, I like when the man is fitted and has a sporty body

Your movie partners are guys with big cocks...

In your personal life, is the size important to you?

The size is not that important to be honest, I prefer medium size as a big size could kill me :))) I mean that I have small vagina and it’s really not possible for me :)))

Do you like the taste of cum?

I like to give a pleasure to my man, I dont mind the taste of sperm, and you can easily make it taste nicer with the berries and fruits ;

Plans for the future

Going to stay in the industry?

Other interests, plans for the future?

I am going to stay for a while, doing my new project and after I plan to try myself in a food industry as a chef :) that would be another adventure…

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